Monday, November 15, 2010

Miso/ Veg Noodle Soup

this soup is very easy and quick to make. You can use any  vegies you like I use chinese style vegies = mushrooms- spring onions- snowpeas- broccoli- grated carrot- bok choy- spinach- grated zucchini , thin rice noodles ( I use Rice Vermicelli Rice Stick,  tofu- bean curd from Asian Grocer, Miso sachet ( Spiral Instant White Miso Soup) or you can use any miso paste, Tamari -wheat and sugar free soya sauce  -, herb salt or veggie salt or celtic sea salt/himalayan salt ( I use Herbamare, good for seasoning has no yeast sugar or wheat)

So what you do is chop tofu into cubes, slice and chop vegies . You can either stir fry the vegies first or put them straight into water in saucepan , add your noodles add your seasonings and at the end add miso sachets and tofu. Cook until vegies are just cooked but not overcooked. Use 1 square of noodles and the amount of water to cover the vegies and noodles. If you want alot of soup use more quantity of ingredients or make a small amount for one, it's up to you.

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