Monday, March 17, 2014

Lentil Hotpot

This is a recipe that I found on tv on a cooking show with a well known tv chef. I have adapted to suit me and it has evolved over time. You can make it to your liking as you wish .

Lentils Brown  1 cup or more as you like
Brown rice about a 1/4 of cup
Quinoa  a few tablespoons (optional )
Potatoes - 2 medium size
Carrots - one good sized carrot
Pumpkin-  2 cups of chopped pumpkin and more if you like
Tomatoes- one can of chopped tomatoes or fresh skinned tomatoes
Onions - 1 good size onion finely chopped
Curry - 1 tsp or more as you like
Salt to taste I use Herbamare and you can add a vegie stockcube if you prefer
Bragg All purpose liquid seasoning or Soya sauce you prefer
A few Bay leaves and remove before serving.
Chia seeds  -a tablespoon ( optional)
Flour to thicken that you use, only a small amount if you like to give more substance.
Coconut crème is optional to add at the end of the cooking time if you enjoy a cremier hotpot.

Now all these amounts are up to you and what you like this hotpot to be like, you can add other ingredients ( i.e. celery ) or replace mine with other foods you use that you like better. YOU can cook all of these ingredients all together or just cook the lentils and rice for half an hour and then add the vegetables and seasonings . I tend to add the seasonings at the end of the cooking time which may take an hour or so to completely cook thru. This recipe will need a large saucepan like a soup pot and you will have plenty over so reduce the amount of  each ingredient if you only want a small lentil hotpot .